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Curriculum Development

Need to develop customized curriculum that meets industry standards? Short on time to create materials? CORD's staff has over thirty years experience creating standards-based curriculum in mathematics, science, and a wide range of technical fields, in response to workforce demands.

Whether your needs include curriculum frameworks, detailed lesson plans, or complete instructional materials, CORD can develop content customized for your program or project and deliver it as print materials or an online course.

Meeting Industry Needs
CORD uses an integrated curriculum development process to ensure content reflects academic, industry, and employability standards. Our overarching goal is to ensure your curriculum meets industry needs. To help achieve this, our experienced team of educators and technical staff will:

  • Pre-assess your needs and those of your industry partners

  • Conduct site visits and/or interviews with faculty and employers

  • Gather input from employers on essential skills and knowledge

  • Conduct facility and equipment surveys

  • Assess current curriculum and instructional materials

  • Work with a broad network of SMEs to ensure relevancy of content to current workplace practices

Teaching with a Real-World Focus
CORD’s curriculum development philosophy is based on our research in contextual teaching and learning. As much as possible, CORD curriculum incorporates:

  • Hands-on activities

  • Authentic assessment

  • Suggestions for worksite experiences

  • Contextual teaching strategies

  • Project-based learning

  • Critical thinking

  • Problem-solving opportunities

  • Integration of content and processes to build interpersonal skills

  • A focus on transferable occupational skills

To learn more about how CORD can meet your curriculum design needs, contact:

Hope Cotner, Vice President
Center for Occupational Research and Development
hcotner@cord.org • 254-741-8309

Example Curriculum Design Projects

Energy Industry Fundamentals, seven modules, ANSI-accredited (Center for Energy Workforce Development)

Curriculum guides and instructional materials for apprenticeship training (Washington Aerospace Joint apprenticeship Committee)

Short courses on industry standards and cleanroom practices in the medical devices industry (North Orange County Community College)

Course curriculum guides and instructional materials (Hawaii Construction Academy in support of a U.S. Department of Labor High Growth Job Training Initiative grant)

Assessment of academic and employability skills and development of math-enhanced lessons (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair)

Modular training curriculum for Transformations, a technical training program designed to upgrade the knowledge and skills of unemployed or underemployed workers